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Nightmares by the Sea
10th-Apr-2008 11:53 am - Spring is in the air.
12 Spring icons, mostly flowers/buds/trees.


You can find the rest here under the cut.Collapse )

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31st-Jul-2007 08:56 am - Hey, guess what?
I'm not dead. I've just been out of commission for a while due to a computer breakdown followed by general life stuff. That's all I really wanted to say. Perhaps I'll write a post that's actually interesting sometime soon.

Hope everyone is keeping well.
21st-Dec-2006 05:49 am - Caffeine, how I love thee.
I bring you the results of a sudden inability to sleep past four thirty in the morning: icons.

04 SGA (3x12 Echoes)
16 SG-1 (Seasons 5 and 6)
08 Musicians (Fiest, Sarah McLachlan, Iron & Wine)


Mmmmmmmm.Collapse )

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27th-Nov-2006 06:56 am - Is he supposed to be naked like that?
I have a new layout! Now, normally I don't announce these things, mostly because I'm lazy but also because I'm pretty sure most of you don't care. But this time I'm not lazy and...well, you probably still don't care but I do. I care because it features John Sheppard. And Rodney McKay. Together. God, I love fandom, even when I don't take an active part in it.

The text on the header is from Damien Rice's new single, 9 Crimes, which is a beautifully haunting song. If you haven't already heard it, you should try and get your hands on a copy. Or better yet, go buy his new CD. No seriously, go right now; I'll wait here for you.

And just so I don't waste a perfectly good post on nonsense, I've included some icons I've been working on: SGA, winter, and Scarlett Johansson in The Prestige.


Fancy meeting you here.Collapse )

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21st-Oct-2006 09:56 am - It's alive.
"It" being me. Remember me? Quiet girl, keeps to herself a lot? Yeah, I'm alive. I've been lurking around lately, reading wonderful SGA fics and watching old episodes of Farscape, which is a great show by the way, with a wonderful cast of characters. I kinda wish I'd watched it while it was still up and running, but wishing is all too little, too late. I've also been watching the new season of Supernatural. (Oh Dean, how I've missed you. And your car. And maybe even your sometimes annoying little brother who seems a bit less annoying this season.)

There's one big thing that happened to me this past summer. (Yes, it has been that long since I've updated my journal.) It's the only thing worth mentioning and that is: I saw Ani DiFranco perform live. A once in a lifetime experience, let me tell you. It's been months and I still can't believe that she actually came to my hometown to perform at a festival and that I was there.

Anyway, I hope you're all well and that atleast a couple of you are able to vaguely recall who I am. Also, as a side note/request, if you're an SGA fan and have any fics you'd like to rec, please do so. I'm partial to the McKay/Sheppard pairing but I'm also open to most other pairings as well as gen. Oh! I'm also looking for lengthy, gen Supernatural fics, if you have any recs in that department. Nothing too deep, nothing too fluffy. Basically, I'm looking for fics heavy with plot that I can read and say, "Hey, that would make a really great episode."
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